Smile Tec 360 teeth whitening Basingstoke – why us ?

Smiletec360 - the whiter difference is clear

When you have any treatment performed on your teeth it is natural to have some trepidation about what is involved and whether you are likely to experience any pain or adverse effects. We appreciate that you may have one or two concerns about teeth whitening but wish to reassure you that when you receive treatment from a reputable clinic such as Smile Tec 360 Basingstoke you will be in the experienced, capable hands and our trained technicians who will do everything to release your concerns.

From the outset, we’d like to dispel any fears you may have that having your teeth whitened by Smile Tec 360 can be compared with a visit to the dentist. There is, no sinister looking equipment; you won’t need an injection; there is no drilling; and no prodding at your teeth and gums with dental probes – in fact the majority of our clients find the teeth whitening experience to be extremely relaxing.

Smile Tec 360 Teeth Whitening Basingstoke is completely safe and relies on modern equipment that has been thoroughly tried and tested and uses Blue Light technology that is thoroughly hygienic, painless and has absolutely no side-effects. Whilst a very small number of clients may experience some very minor sensitivity after treatment, this is very temporary and is comparable to the slight discomfort some people experience when drinking hot or cold drinks.

A Smile Tec 360 Teeth Whitening Basingstoke appointment takes less than an hour. During this time our professional clinician will assess your teeth and discuss the level of whiteness that you desire.

Once this has been done the treatment will commence and you will see the results immediately. There is no need for a further appointment as Smile Tec 360 Teeth Whitening Basingstoke treatments are long-lasting although we recommend that you have a quick ‘top-up’ treatment after 18-24 months.

In today’s highly competitive world our appearance often comes under close scrutiny. Having bright, white, healthy looking teeth can make a huge difference – not just to you appearance – but also can increase confidence – especially when going for an important job interview, attending a special occasion or meeting someone for the first time.

Smile Tec 360 Teeth Whitening Basingstoke treatments are guaranteed and, because we offer a dedicated professional service, we are able to offer you the highly affordable prices at a wide number of locations convenient to where you live or work.

We are happy to book an appointment to fit in with your lunch break or during evening or at weekends if you prefer.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page should provide all the information you need about Smile Tec 360 Teeth Whitening services – but if you have any queries about any aspect of teeth whitening that you feel is not covered.