Laser teeth whitening Options Basingstoke

Professional teeth whitening or home options Basingstoke

Surely everyone would answer yes. Having whiter teeth not only adds to a good appearance but also it helps to improve our self-confidence. When you have whiter teeth y, ou can freely speak without hesitation. And it helps us to give a good smile. A more modern way to whiten your teeth is to have a whitening treatment or procedure called “laser teeth whitening”.

The process o laser teeth whitening is very simple and easy. It is also very safe and effective. With just a few minutes or an hour, results can be clearly seen. Treatments can be done as often as required to maintain the desired results, thus making the teeth more whiter.

Studies show that people who use laser teeth whitening treatments improves the tone of teeth by 4 to 12 shades whiter. The use of laser treatments have been in a really high demand in today’s world.

With its easy procedure and proven results, people are now patronizing the use of laser treatments. This only proves that improvements of technology has been a really great help in many aspects today. So why don’t you try laser treatments now and see the results for yourselves.

Why laser and options to compare

Laser teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to professionally whiten your teeth. Here, a bleaching chemical is applied to your teeth and then a laser is applied to them in order to activate that chemical and whiten your teeth.

Other teeth whitening options that are available

There are other, less effective, teeth whitening methods on the market. Zoom whitening, for example, involves using hydrogen peroxide gel and a light to break up any stains on the teeth. Crest whitening strips are strips impregnated with a whitening gel and moulded to fit the shape of your teeth so that they can stay on your teeth for a long time and let the whitening gel do its work.

Bleaching trays are quite similar here: they are retainer typee ‘trays’ that fit over your teeth to keep the whitening gel in place. Finally, we have whitening pens and home kits, which can be used at home but which are much less effective than professional dental treatments.

Why is laser teeth whitening Basingstoke the best option?

Laser teeth whitening is not only the most effective way to whiten your teeth, giving the most dramatic results. It is also very safe and affordable.

Moreover, it is worth noting that many of the alternative options listed above (for instance home kits or bleaching trays) can take weeks to work. Laser teeth whitening, however, is a very quick process and one that offers you instant results.