Laser teeth whitening before and after Basingstoke

Why would you want to whiten your teeth?

Teeth can get discoloured over the years because of our lifestyles. Maybe you smoke, drink a lot of coffee, or have a busy life, which makes it hard to see a regular dental clinic. Life is always moving forward at such a fast pace, but what if you could reverse the years of discoloration?

There’s not a lot of things in the world that we can reverse, but teeth? Hell yes! Our service will be able to give you a natural white smile that you can be proud of.

  • Have you ever been in a situation where someone is taking a photo, and you don’t feel like you can show your teeth?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed by your teeth?
  • Or have you ever been on a date and felt self conscious?

You should not have to feel this way, and we can help you feel comfortable with your very own beautiful smile. You may also have a special occasion like a wedding or an important interview coming up.

Having nice white teeth is the best accessory for any occasion. It is also a huge confidence boost, so why wouldn’t you want to try the new blue light technology? We promise you will not regret it!

Why Smile Tec 360 Mobile laser teeth whitening Basingstoke?

Smile Tec 360 Basingstoke offer a laser teeth whitening service. The service is pain free, using no injections or harsh chemicals, simply blue light technology. The treatment will brighten your smile and correct any tarnishes on the surface of your teeth. It is a one time treatment meaning you don’t have to wait long for results, in fact, about an hour!

Our team of highly trained and qualified staff will ensure your whole experience and results are perfect. We really care about you, the customer, and understand that for many clients this could be the mark of a new you. Fully embracing this, we always strive to make you feel inspired and beautiful.

Leaving you with a beautiful smile, a huge dose of confidence and maybe even inspiration to create a better lifestyle for yourself.

Our laser teeth whitening will not let you down, we promise you will love your new brighter smile. Sounds amazing!

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